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Your notary, an ally in business

Business law is complex. Consult your notary, he is the specialist in corporate law. The notary can help you during the creation of your business but also throughout the life of your business. We act as legal advisors to help you avoid legal problems and reduce your workload.

The notary ensures your personal legal security and the one of your company.

Incorporation and the provincial laws

You wish to start your own business? Have you consulted your Notary?

There are many specific rights and obligations to consider when establishing a business corporation (also called “corporation” or “legal person”) in the province of Quebec. You need to ask yourself many questions before creating your business such as what are the various legal types of business options that I can choose from? What are the main advantages and disadvantages associated to each type? Did you know that a business operating in the province of Quebec is required to be registered with the Registre des entreprises? Furthermore, did you know that all incorporated business corporations are required to have and maintain a minute book or a corporate book)? Prior to making this important business decision, consult your Notary. Your Notary will be your professional guide during your constitution process as well as the overall organization of your corporation.

Incorporation and the federal laws

You wish to have your head office in a specific Canadian province?

If your business activities will be carried throughout Canada, federal constitution has some advantages. Did you know that when you are federally incorporated, the location of your head office is not limited to a specific province? Furthermore, did you know that federal constitution enables you to use your business name everywhere in Canada? Think about it, in order for you to make the good decision that is based on your business needs; leave the work to a Notary that is knowledgeable in this field.

Writing an agreement between shareholders

You wish to prevent future conflicts between shareholders and ensure the survival of your business?

Your Notary can provide assistance in writing a shareholders agreement that will meet your needs and specific objectives. A shareholders agreement is an arrangement that provides for solutions or procedures regarding potential conflicts or situations that might arise during the life-cycle of your business. Did you know that you can foresee a first refusal clause that enables other shareholders to voice their opinion when another shareholder decides to sale their shares? Did you also know that your agreement can include provisions for actions to be taken in the event of a shareholder’s death such as the obligation to sale the deceased shares to other shareholders? Trust a competent legal advisor in order to prepare yourself for the unexpected.

Updating your corporate book and registers

You would like to conduct your annual review of your corporate book?

Did you know that all incorporated businesses are required to have a minute book, also known as a corporate book, which has to be maintained and updated? Furthermore, did you know that it’s important to conduct an annual review of your corporate book? Your Notary can prepare this annual review, called annual resolutions, as well as any other corporate documents that can be included on your minute book such as the shareholder’s register and the securities register. To be fully informed, consult your notary : the specialist in business law.

Choosing a legal form that suits your business needs

What type of legal entity is consistent with my business venture?

Consult your notary to determine what type of legal entity better suits your business needs. Did you know that there are many factors to consider when determining the legal entity such as the presence of business partners, the tax implications and the extent of your geographic activities etc.? And did you know that there are various types of partnerships that exists such as a general partnerships, a limited liability partnership, undeclared partnerships and limited partnerships? Your notary will guide you throughout the establishment of your business in order to meet your objectives.